Breakfast Menu


This is breakfast but not as you know it!
Whether your taste is more traditional or if you’re tempted by a touch of the exotic, Namaste by Delhi Darbar will set you up for the day ahead. Find comfort in the somewhat familiar or dive into the unknown if you dare!

The Full Bhoona (D)    £10.00
A breakfast fit for a Bombay movie star! Masala eggs, two slices of smoked bacon, sausages, masala beans, field mushrooms, tomato and buttered naan bread finished with a drizzle of chilli chutney and a light masala dusting, and served with gunpowder potatoes.

The Veggie Full Bhoona (V, D)    £10.00
Masala eggs, vegetarian sausages, masala beans, field mushrooms, tomato and naan bread are given a spicy kick with our signature chilli chutney and a gentle sprinkle of masala, and served with gunpowder potatoes.

Namaste Granola (D, V, N)    £6.00
Following a traditional Goan recipe, our homemade granola includes toasted oats, seeds, cashews, almonds, hazelnut pecan and dried pawpaw and is served with thick home-hung yoghurt.

– EGGS –

Masala Eggs (Bhurji) (D, V)   £7.50
Our spicy spin on scrambled eggs. Fresh green chillies, ginger, coriander and tomato are balanced with the earthy flavour of cumin, our home made chilli chutney and a light masala dusting. Served on a buttered naan.

Anda Makhani (D, V)   £7.50
Two perfectly soft-boiled eggs within a rich makhani sauce and a pinch of warming masala. Scoop up every last drop with a freshly-baked buttered naan.

Cheesy Naan Parsi Omelette (D, V)   £7.50
Take it to the next level with our upgraded Parsi Omelette. With cheesy naan interior, think French toast Indian style.


Fresh and fluffy Naans are oven-cooked to order, buttered, then drizzled with our delicious chilli chutney and given a light masala dusting.

Bacon Naan Roll (D)   £7.00
Two slices of grilled smoked back bacon* with spicy gunpowder potatoes.

Sausage Naan Roll (D)   £7.00
Two traditional Scottish sausages* with spicy gunpowder potatoes.

Vegetarian Sausage Naan Roll
(D)   £7.00
A delicious grilled vegetarian sausage with gunpowder potatoes.

Egg Naan Rolls (D, V)   £7.00
Two free-range fried eggs with gunpowder potatoes.

Seekh Kebab Roll (D)   £7.00
Two spicy mince seekh kebabs with gunpowder potatoes.


Tradition Indian Paratha served with home-hung yoghurt which is flavoured with subtle spices and boondi, also served with carrot pickle achar.

Plain (V)   £7.00
Vegetable (V)   £7.00
Keema   £7.00


Masala Eggs (GF)   £2.50
Two Fried Eggs (GF, V)  £2.50
Masala Beans (GF, VE)  £2.50
Grilled Mushrooms (GF, VE)   £2.00
Two Sausages*   £3.00
Two Vegetarian Sausages (V)   £3.00
Four Rashers of Bacon* (GF)   £3.00
Naan Bread (V)   £3.00


Think of tea and you think of India.
Introduced by the British, tea has become India’s lifeblood over hundreds of years. Our Tea Library holds a collection of exceptional artisan teas.

Grandad’s Masala Chai (D)   £3.70
A glass of warm, sweet milk infused with aniseed, spicy and sweet cinnamon, fiery ginger, black pepper, cloves and woody chicory root. Enjoy an endless cup when ordered with breakfast!

Royal Breakfast Tea    £3.60
A unique tea based on the authentic Earl Grey recipe, blended with natural neroli and bergamot oils.

The Prince Sultan’s Green Tea with Mint   £3.60
Fine green tea laced with refreshing natural mint.

Lemongrass & Ginger   £3.60
A soothing infusion with warming ginger and zesty lemongrass.


Think of coffee and you might not think of India!
Coffee in India dates back to 1670 when Sufi, Baba Budan, is said to have travelled there from Yemen, planting seven coffee beans at the foot of the Chikkamagalur Hills.

Espresso   £2.50
Double Espresso   £3.00
Cappuccino   £3.50
Café Latte   £3.50
Flat White   £3.70
Americano   £3.00
Hot Chocolate   £3.50


A traditional yogurt – based drink blended with fruit and spices. Superbly refreshing and totally tasty.

Mango & Ginger (D)  £5.00
Strawberry & Rose (D)  £5.00
Namak (D)  £5.00
A refreshing savoury yoghurt with mint. Salted and delicately spiced.

Main Menu


A range of home-style spicy treats to whet your appetite.

Mini Poppadoms with Spiced Onions (VE, GF) £5.50
They may be small in size but, flecked with green chillies, our bite size poppadums definitely pack some punch.

Mini Mushroom and Truffle Paratha (V, D) £7.00
Our tempting mini mushroom and truffle paratha enjoy added decadence dipped into a side dish of hung honey yogurt.

Vegetable Samosa (V, D) £7.00
Packed with potatoes and peas, this deep-fried pastry parcel is served with chickpeas cooked in a rich and spicy tomato sauce.

Dahi Gol Gappa (V, D) £7.00
Bite-sized crispy puffed balls filled with finely chopped boiled potatoes and chickpeas, topped with sweet, sour and spicy chutneys, onion, sev and honey yogurt. An Indian street food delight.

Masala Chicken Wings £7.00
Succulent chicken wings oven baked with our unique blend of spices, herbs and chillies.

Masala Corn on the Cob (V, D) £6.00
A sweet and juicy cob glistening with garlic butter and brushed with
our south Indian garlic sauce. Enjoy a spicy kick with every bite.

Sheek Kabab £6.00
Minced lamb marinated with green chilli, coriander and cumin, grilled to juicy perfection.

Karela Jhinga (GF, C) £9.00
Inspired by India’s seafood-rich southwest state, succulent king
prawns are oven baked with spices, herbs and chillies.

– Pakora, Pakora, We All Love Pakora! –

It took time, but we managed to whittle down our range of pakora to our five firm favourites.

Vegetable (GF, VE) £5.50
Haggis £5.50
Chicken (GF) £5.50
Paneer (GF, V, D) £6.00
Fish (GF, F) £6.00

All are served with our classic chilli chutney, but you can add:

Mint Yoghurt Chutney (GF, V, D) £1.00
Tamarind Chutney (GF, VE) £1.00
Mango Chutney (GF, VE) £1.50
Apple & Mint Chutney (GF, VE) £1.00

Pimp My Pakora! Make it a Chaat (D) £8.00
Your wish is our command. Sweet, sour, tangy, spicy and crunchy. Hot pakora contrasts with a refreshingly cool mix of chana masala, aloo bhujia, tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, coriander and pomegranate.


Lamb Bhoona (GF) £10.00
Tender chunks of lamb slowly cooked with onions, herbs, tomatoes and spices to create this medium strength Indian classic. Created with pride to our secret family recipe.

Lamb Karahi (GF) £10.00
This rich and spicy tomato-based masala with onions and green peppers gives this lamb dish its unmistakably vibrant flavour.

Lamb Biryani
(GF) £15.00
The finest Scottish lamb smothered in spices then mixed with aromatic rice and peas, garnished with caramelised onions and served with a rich, home-style masala sauce.

Mutton Chana (GF) £16.00
Mutton on the bone cooked with chickpeas and pomegranate in a rich and spicy sauce.

Chicken Bhoona (GF) £9.00
Tender chunks of chicken slowly cooked with onions, herbs, tomatoes and spices to create this medium strength Indian classic. Created with pride to our secret family recipe.

Chicken Korma (GF, D) £9.00
Decidedly rich, decadently creamy and deliciously coconutty. A succulent chicken dish oozing with exotic flavour.

Chicken Chasni (GF, D) £10.00
Chicken in a rich, creamy sauce with plump heritage tomatoes and onions and given its essential sweet and sour taste by a generous measure of mango chutney and a twist of fresh lemon.

Chicken Butter Masala (GF, D) £12.00
Tender chunks of chicken slowly cooked with onions, herbs, tomatoes, spinach puree and spices to create this medium strength Indian classic – a family recipe perfected over time.

Chicken Rajma (GF, D) £12.00
Chicken slowly cooked with herbs, red kidney beans and whole black lentils, given a decadent finish with ghee and cream.

South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken (GF, D) £12.00
Garlic, garlic and more garlic. A unique blend of spices, herbs, chillies and, of course, garlic.

Shahi Paneer (GF, V, D) £12.00
Originating in the imperial courts of the Mughal emperors, slices of paneer cheese cooked in a mild, creamy tomato gravy- the ideal partner for a freshly baked naan.

Chana Masaledar (GF, V, D) £10.00
Chickpeas given an exotically stylish step up with vibrant green peppers in a rich tomato masala sauce.

Soya Kashmiri (GF, VE) £12.00
Soya chunks are slowly cooked with onions, herbs, tomatoes and spices and given a fruity twist with juicy pieces of mango.

Mushroom Madras (GF, V, D) £10.00
Packed with chilli and exotic spices.

Dal Makhani (GF, V. D)
Whole black lentils and red kidney beans slow cooked with spices and given a rich, glossy finish with ghee and cream.

Malai Kofta (GF, V. D) £12.00
Delicious potato and paneer spice balls simmered in a rich and creamy sauce with raisins.

King Prawn Rogan Josh (GF, C) £16.00
A wonderfully rich, temptingly tasty Kashmiri curry. Slow-cooked king prawns infused with an irresistible blend of garlic, onions, chilli and spices.

Goan Monkfish (CF,D, F) £16.00
Mild and delicately sweet monkfish in a delectable creamy coconut, potato and fragrant curry leaf sauce.

Tandoori Salmon (GF, D, F) £16.00
Salmon marinated in our special blend of masala spices, served in a mild and creamy cardamon and tomato sauce, with butter beans, garden peas and potatoes.

Kashmiri Salmon (GF, D, F ) £16.00
Succulent salmon with mushrooms enjoy the perfect blend of herbs, spices, garlic and chilli with the ‘zing’ of mango.


Cooked over charcoal in our grill, these dishes are served with a rich home-style masala sauce.

Chicken Tikka (GF, D) £12.00
A family recipe with chicken marinated in yoghurt, ginger juice, turmeric, garlic and green chilli.

Hariyali Chicken Tikka (GF, D) £15.00
Tender chicken pieces marinated in a coriander, spinach, green chilli, garlic and ginger paste and tandoor-cooked for a deep smoky flavour.

Paneer Tikka (GF, V, D) £12.00
A family recipe with paneer cheese marinated in yoghurt, ginger juice, turmeric, garlic and green chilli.

King Prawn Tandoori (GF, C) £15.00
Jumbo king prawns marinated in a blend of North Indian spices and yogurt.

Masala Lamb Chops (GF) £13.00
Tender lamb chops generously seasoned and cooked to perfection on our grill.


Basmati Pilau Rice (GF, VE) £4.00
Masala Fries (GF, VE) £4.00
Raita (GF, V)  £4.00
Spiced Onions (GF, VE) £2.50
Kachumber Salad (GF, VE) £3.00
Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and onions drizzled with a fiery masala and lemon dressing.

– Bakery –

Plain Naan (V, D) £3.50
Garlic Naan (V, D) £4.00
Sweet Naan (V, D) £4.00
Cheese Naan (V, D) £4.00


Dating back to the 16th century, our version of ice-cream is created by an artisan Halwai using fresh milk and cream – a true taste of india.

Malai (GF, V, D) £4.50
The Kulfi Classic – full fat milk, clotted cream and cardamon.

Mango (V, D, GF) £4.50
The sweetest Alphonso mangoes with fennel seeds.

Rose (GF, V, D) £4.50
Think Turkish delight in ice cream form.


Chocolate Melt (GF, VE) £6.50
Its gooey centre is perfectly balanced with a rich pistachio ice cream, scattered with pieces of sugared pistachio praline crumble.

Mango Cheesecake (V, D) £6.50
Vanilla cheesecake with mango coulis served with our mango and fennel seed kulfi and sprinkled with cardamon seeds.

Rasmalai (GF, V, N, D) £6.50
Deliciously sweet ond juicy bolls of cheese curd sooked in closed cream flavoured with cardamon and saffron and garnished with ground nuts.

Gulab Jamun (V, D) £6.50
A warm, sweet, dumpling dipped in a glossy rose syrup and serveour fennel seed kulfi.

Gajar Ka Halwa (V, D, N) £6.50
Grated carrots simmered with cardamom powder and cinnamon in full fat milk and garnished with chopped nuts. Served with our homemade malai kulfi.

Kids Menu



Chicken Korma (GF, D)
Decidedly rich, decadently creamy and deliciously coconutty

Chicken Bhoona (GF)
Tender chunks of chicken slowly cooked with onions, herbs, tomatoes and spices to create this medium strength Indian classic. Created with pride to our secret family recipe.

Chana Masaledar
(GF, V, D)
Chickpeas given an exotically stylish step up with vibrant green peppers
in a rich tomato masala sauce.


Fries or Basmati Pilau Rice



Chicken Nuggets
Fish Fingers (F)
Vegetable Fingers (V)

Drinks Menu


Pinot Grigio, Doc Veneto, Italy
Fresh Pinot Grigio with good weight and balance. Stone fruit characters and hints of white flowers are present.

Chardonnay, Senora Rosa, Chile
Ripe peach and tropical fruits. A fresh, easy drinking Chardonnay.

Sauvignon Blanc, Veldt Range, South Africa
A well-balanced, dry wine with a fresh fruitiness and lingering aftertaste. Aromas of pineapple compliment flavours of yellow plum and kiwifruit.


Shiraz, Veldt Range, South Africa
A soft and voluptuous Shiraz displaying ripples of spice and black pepper. A subtle nuance of oak gives additional body and structure to this eminently drinkable wine.

Merlot, Mureda, Spain
Pleasant red fruit, blackberry and plum aromas with black pepper notes. This wine is well balanced, soft and elegant.

Melbec, Hanger and Flank, Argentin
Terrific nose of pure blueberry and blackberry fruits. Well-balanced, rich wine with lush fruit flavours of boysenberry and blackberry, along with vibrant acidity. Stays pure and focused, with a delicate toast, mineral and spice notes on the fruit-filled finish.


Zinfandel Rose, Zinnia, USA
Made from deliciously fruity Zinfandel grapes grown in California. An easy- drinking wine with aromas of fresh red berry fruits and flavours of ripe watermelon and sweet red apples.


Prosecco, Vita Amica, Italy
Crisp and delicious with aromatic apple and pear aromas on the nose followed by a crisp palate of succulent fruits and loads of bubbles.

Champagne, Pol Garder Brut, France
Pale straw colour with a green hue and a fine mousse. Youthful nose of green apple, citrus, pear and some floral notes. Light to medium bodied with a fresh backbone and creamy texture, pure and fruity, still on the youthful side with a rounded finish and a medium to long persistency.


Made from a complex blend of seven ingredients and expertly brewed to create fewer bubbles, leaving a smooth sophisticated taste.

The smooth yet complex recipe gives a quality depth of taste, with spicy, peppery notes.


Cobra Zero (330ml)
Delicate, malty sweet taste, this 0% AVP beer provides the perfect alcohol free free refreshment.

Corona (330ml)


Peacock Mango & Lime
Sweet mango flavour is perfectly balanced by zesty lime to provide a burst of tropical refreshment.

Peacock Apple Cider
A vibrant blend of freshly pressed apples provides a burst of sweet flavour and a dry finish to complement rich Asian flavours.

Koppaberg Mixed Fruit Cider 

– SOFT DRINKS & Juices –

Frank Water Still or Sparkling
Coca Cola
Diet Coca Cola
Irn Bru
Diet Irn Bru
Fanta Orange

– VODKa –

Namaste Mango Vodka
Grey Goose

– GIN –

Gordons Pink
Indian Summer Gin
Darnley’s View Spiced Gin
Tanqueray Rangpur

– WHISKy –

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 10 year old
Highland Park 12 Year Old
The Macallan 12 Year Old
Famous Grouse
Jack Daniels
Johnnie Walker Black Label
Johnnie Walker Blue Label

– Tequila –

El Jimador
El Rayo
Tequila Rose


– Vermouth –

Cocchi Rosa
Martini Rosso
Dry Martini

– Liqueur –

Tia Maria
Southern Comfort

– Rum –

Koko Kanu
Ninefold Pure
Morgan Spiced

– Brandy/ Cognac –

Martell VS
Hennessy VS


Cocktail Menu

Say hello to our signature cocktail. An exotic mix of mango vodka and the bitter orange flavour of dry curacao. Lime juice, a ginger ale reduction and our secret pineapple, ginger and chilli ketchup add layers of flavour with an instant ‘kick’.

Hara Mahal
Nadar and St Germain gins with a refreshing mix of apple juice, mint and sugar snap peas.

Fire & Spice
Fair Goji Berry Liqueur, Darnley’s Spiced Gin, dragon fruit puree and lemon juice, topped with ginger ale and garnished with pineapple leaves.

Spice of India
This short, spicy cocktail packs a flavourful punch with rum and banana-infused Falernum, stirred with our secret Namaste syrup.

This highball cocktail is sure to delight with its mix of pink gin, lemon juice, strawberry syrup and soda, and then mesmerise with the colour-changing qualities of butterfly pea flower tea.

A floral martini featuring gin and the aromatic Cocchi Rosa mixed with fragrant rose syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice then crowned with a mesmerising lychee smoke bubble.

Sunaharee Sari
Ninefold Pure Single Rum with lime juice and pineapple syrup, shimmering with edible glitter. Sunahree Sari means
golden Sari.

Tear Drop
Coconut flavoured Koko Kanu Jamaican Rum is mixed with pink guava juice and pink guava syrup and lightened with soda, fresh mint and a twist of lime.

One of the world’s favourite cocktails is given the Namaste twist. Tequila, mango puree, lime juice and mango syrup edged with black lava salt. Margarita means pearl, ‘mothee’ in Hind.

Mughal Tea
Our take on the classic Breakfast Martini. Whisky, creme de peche, earl grey tea and freshly squeezed lemon is garnished with gol gappa and peach jam.

Cheeky Chumma
Midori Melon Liqueur, coconut flavoured Koko Kanu Jamaican rum, crème de bananes and pineapple juice topped with a watermelon and mint foam and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Number Ek
Our take on the classic East India No.1 with cognac, Cointreau,mango syrup, bitters and maraschino liqueur.


Like our refreshing lassis, let the flavours flow knowing your 2.0 tipple is alcohol free.

Butterfly 2.0
This highball cocktail is sure to delight with its mix of strawberry Mogu Mogu, lemon juice, strawberry syrup and soda, and then mesmerise with the colour-changing qualities
of butterfly pea flower tea.

Teardrop 2.0
A refreshing mix of coconut water and guava juice with creamy Coco-Real, lightened with soda, fresh mint and a twist of lime.

Maharani 2.0
A floral mock-tini featuring Seed lip Garden 108 and Martini Vibrante mixed with fragrant rose syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice then crowned with a mesmerising lychee
smoke bubble.

Allergen Information

Before ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements. while we make every effort to prevent cross – contamination in our kitchen we cannot guarantee that any food item we make is 100% FREE of any specific allergen

(GF) = Gluten free
(VE) = Vegan
(V) = Vegetarian
(D) = Contains dairy

(N) = Contains nuts
(C) = Crustacean
(F) = Fish

Reserve a Table

From breakfast to business lunch, family celebration to pre-cinema snacks or gathering with friends, your Namaste by Delhi Darbar experience starts here. Whatever the time of day, whatever the occasion, let us know your seating and dietary requirements and we will do our utmost to accommodate your every need.